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How I got here.


My Background

My background is pretty boring….  BS in electrical engineering (Go Hokies!).  Law degree.  Worked as a patent attorney for 30 years (yea, old as dirt), etc.  I am married with 3 kids (allegedly mine) and a dog (Spot).

What Happened

It was February 2009.  My mother, 79, who had become frail and weak, had been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.  The doctors said that there was little they could do for her and many patients her age do not survive pneumonia.  Sadly, my mother never left the hospital alive, dying a few days later. 

I wondered, “How was that possible?”  With all our wonderous technology, our cutting edge medical research, and our around the clock hospital care, how can someone with such a well-known illness for which there are established care protocols still die? 

And that’s not all!!!   I realized that something like this was in store for me, my wife, my kids, Spot, all my friends, and all humans.  In short, we grow old (if we’re lucky) and succumb to an age-related illness. 

So I began asking myself lots of questions.  What is aging in a biological sense?  Why do older people often die from pneumonia and not young people?  Are there measures one can take (young or old) to thwart common illnesses and diseases? (Answer: Yes)  Why is a broken hip so deadly to older people?  Could there be a way to impart the immune and/or healing function of a younger person to an aged person? Could it ever be possible to reverse the effects of aging?

Since then, I’ve spent a ton of time educating myself in biology, cellular biology, and longevity.  I even formed a company (Alpha Sciences LLC) to initiate a clinical study designed to reverse aging using plasma from young donors.  We received Institutional Review Board approval and then the study was stopped (just before starting) in 2020 due to the pandemic.  More on this later in my blog…

So Why the Blog?

If you follow health and longevity, you probably know that we are on the precipice of solving the aging problem.  Dying now would be like being the last guy shot in World War I, right before the war ended.  So if you can stay alive for 5-10 years until the aging problem is solved, you might get another 50 years of healthspan and lifespan. 

New medical technologies, however, are often first practiced in the private practices of a few courageous doctors and the homes of self-experimenters.  Most people will never know about these treatments till much later. Let’s face it, if it’s not sold by big pharma, you won’t see an advertisement for it on TV.  So my goal is to provide you (my loyal blog reader) with up-to-date info on all the cutting-edge research, technology, and products to help you live a longer, healthier life. 

But what about six pack abs you ask?  There will be some of that, but the info will be focused more on how to achieve an ideal weight and how that affects health and longevity.

The Gap in the Pharmaceutical System

As a patent attorney, I noticed a gap in the pharmaceutical system.  Specifically, if a potential treatment or medicine is not deemed patentable, no one will spend the money to obtain FDA approval for it, because once approved by the FDA, competitors would simply copy the treatment or medicine. 

Consequently, a lot of “natural” treatments go largely unstudied because they are not patentable. This unfortunately results in the unavailability of some effective treatments.  That doesn’t mean you can use them.  It means that doctors don’t prescribe them, and the FDA doesn’t believe there is any proof they work (which means no one can sell the natural remedy and claim or advertise that it cures anything).  

Studies on these natural substances are typically very small and go unnoticed (or at least unreported) in mainstream media.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t valuable information in these studies. So you should know about them, and I’ll help you get that info via this blog.


If you have any ideas about products, supplements, treatments, or anything else you’d like to see me write about, please send me a note about it via my Contact page. No promises but I’ll try to get it on my schedule.

What about the $$$

This site is completely free to you and I want to keep it that way. However, I do provide links to websites where you can buy certain products and services. If you use those links and buy something, that seller typically will pay me some money for referring you to them. This allows me to earn some money (yea my kids apparently feel like they should eat every day) for the time I spend researching and writing.

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